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Affordable price, Continuous professionalism We develop and integrate a wide range of customized business solutions for our clients worldwide.

Application Integration and Software Integration

Software Application Integration / Custom Application Development

Panzer Technologies provides specialized and customized software application integration. Every business establishment prefers to follow its own customized operations such as special hardware, special management reports, firmware integration, and business flow. We also assist our clients to switch over to newer custom software application development services from their existing ones. This would enable them to enhance their productivity and business profits as well. Our solutions are unique and we strive hard to resolve software issues of our clients to the best extent possible. Our software delivery system is definitely geared towards timely delivery and greater quality services.

Panzer Technologies has much experience in custom application development services and also in custom software design and this is why our clients have much faith in us. They do not hesitate in availing our services. We have undoubtedly gained much experience in custom software application development. Our custom software designs are certainly internationally acclaimed as they are able to compete in the international IT software market.

We at Panzer Technologies try our level best to integrate several business solutions for most of our client's world over. We are well-versed in custom database based application development. Desktop, Online as well as distributed server client applications and of course custom software components as well as web-project programming.

Panzer Technologies has a very professional approach in custom software design and also on online e-business developmental professional activities.

Technical aspects of custom software development

  • Client / Server Application
  • Product Development
  • 2 Tier and 3 Tier Application Development
  • Middle Level Tier Application Development
  • XML Applications
  • N Tier Application based Development
  • Component Development
  • Database Application cum Management
  • System Integration

Customized software application development and programming services

  • Custom E-Business & E-commerce Solutions (B2B, B2C etc.)
  • Customer Relationship Management Solutions
  • Supply Chain Management solutions
  • Intranet / Extranet Application Service
  • Web Portal based Solutions
  • Custom components cum libraries (ActiveX controls, plug-ins, etc)

Our clients can much depend upon our knowledge in custom application development and well-equipped to compete with the international market demands. We have made remarkable progress in handling all our clients' software issues and our skilled software professionals know their tasks well and make an extra effort to perform well.

Panzer Technologies has led the way in custom software design and also made a mark in software application integration. We know what to deliver and that too the best way possible. Our clients can completely rely on us in this competitive software development process.