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Risk and reward evaluation we help you determine if outsourcing is right for you and if so, how PANZER TECHNOLOGIES can help you in going offshore


Panzer Technologies believes in providing the best outsourcing techniques to its clients by making use of best technological practices. We liaison with our clients by conducting several sessions involving best technological practices and imbibing them in our outsourcing offers.

Outsourcing Strategy

Panzer Technologies believes in adopting a professional outsourcing strategy, by analyzing the risks as well rewards of our clients' IT outsourcing functions. We also strongly adhere to the concept of developing an outsourcing strategy by identifying areas that need to be dealt with, such as:

  • Identification of key objectives pertaining to clients' business.
  • Separation of issues that need to be taken.
  • Selection as well as prioritizing and identifying various IT functions.
  • Reward and risk based evaluation

Basically, we try to see whether the outsourcing functions to suit our clients' needs and accordingly tailor our outsourcing services.

Offshore Solution Implementation

After a thorough investigation of the business needs, and requirements as well as business drivers, Panzer Technologies will try to evolve an Offshore Solution for our clients and then present our efforts in the form of a formal contract.

Our Outsourcing experts will help you in identifying the IT functions that are best suited to you. Thereafter, we then proceed on to resolve various Outsourcing issues by:

  • By evolving a comprehensive Outsourcing action plan.
  • Signing off of Master Professional Agreement.
  • Decide how to proceed in our efforts with much confidence and exceptional speed.
  • Signing -off Statement of Work.
  • Resource Signing off

Strategy for Migration

The most challenging experience in one's life is working offshore, as one is exposed to alien working conditions with new rules to follow and new guidelines to adhere to. It is very essential to follow these new guidelines and we at Panzer Technologies are there to guide you at every step. How?

  • We concentrate on developing migration strategy, which is very comprehensive and purposeful.
  • We undertake detailed assessment of the organization structure.
  • We try to modify the processes that are being followed in order to accommodate the new processes.
  • Transferring knowledge.
  • Replication of environment.
  • Talent sourcing.
  • Focusing upon offshore communication channels and processes.
  • Offshore based Task Management.

Transition from one IT work environment to another IT work environment is indeed difficult, but we make sure that the transition is very smooth and an easy affair. Trust us, as we are one of the best IT outsourcing processing set-up.

Governance Strategy

Governance is the best form for successful outsourcing. What comprises our Governance policy?

  • Placement of monitoring as well as evaluation program in proper perspective.
  • Taking appropriate decisions with regard to performance.
  • Measuring the deliverables for good results.
  • Development of monitoring as well as evaluation programs which suit the best work environment.
  • Undertaking proactive measures and action plan for the future governance programs.

Panzer Technologies has attained much distinction on account of successful implementation of the Value Addition Model that lays emphasis on progressing from a mere development partner to a business partner. We make a conscious effort to gather all the necessary details of the products and no doubt the services of our clients in order to come up with a successful, proactive plan that can be implemented well.

Panzer Technologies is always well prepared to meet up to its clients' expectations for the best results in their business venture.