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Offshore Dedicated Developers Our Offshore Developers or Dedicated Team is proven business model for mid sized project outsourcing

Dedicated Developers

Hiring Offshore Dedicated Developers

Panzer prefers to hire dedicated developers who are talented and well-skilled. We also make conscious effort to hire dedicated coders, who are of international standards and will perform well in their respective place of work. We take pride in our efforts to hire offshore dedicated developers who meet up to our clients' requirements. Whether the recruitment requirements are for R&D department, product development, system maintenance as well as enhancement, we make sure that we form an offshore dedicated Team that believes in delivering offshore services on time with less cost and effort.

Offshore Dedicated Coders are extremely advantageous and one can get quality work done in limited time and also programming can be done within 24hrs, which is extremely convenient. Much expertise is required in project planning and project development. At Panzer Technologies much emphasis is given to timely delivery of product and services as best skills are employed in product development. We believe in a professional approach as far as project outsourcing is concerned. We make a conscious effort to streamline our system maintenance and enhancement.

Transparency is maintained at all cost in project development so that our clients are fully aware of how their resources, both human and money are being spent in offshore outsourcing development processes that we undertake at Panzer Technologies. We hire offshore dedicated developers who have requisite know-how and expertise to perform tasks that would fetch higher profits and promote greater productivity in business.

Benefits of ODT

  • 40% to nearly 60% savings in cost as compared to various onsite teams as well as traditional outsourcing.
  • One goes in for fixed monthly costs without any overheads or hidden costs.
  • Better control over the development processes and also on offshore development team.
  • Low risk along with higher returns.

What sort of infrastructure is provided?

  • Dual Core Machines
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Redundant Internet Connectivity with Lease Line
  • Local Linux Server for Development
  • Proper Backup Plan for Panzer Technologies
  • Free Network Administration and System Maintenance support
  • Remote Linux Server for Client Testing (No need to buy hosting for standard needs).
  • SVN Code Versioning.
  • Anti virus& Backups.
  • Direct Communication with Developers.