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Panzer Technologies enabled web solutions Our experience includes up-to-date techniques in HTML 4.0, XHTML with W3C standard, Java Script and other client side technologies.

E-Business Solutions and E-Commerce Solutions

Customized Web Applications, E-Commerce and E Business

Panzer Technologies' E-business solutions are much committed to creating e-commerce solutions' for Small as well as Medium enterprises that of course require web interface to complete the entire picture. We provide customized web-interface to resolve web issues and make extensive use of the Internet in resolving e-commerce solutions.

Whatever may be the web issues, be it B2B (business to business), B2C (business to customers), peer to peer (P2P), custom E-business, custom e-commerce, custom Auctions, E-Business consulting, E-business transformation, or perhaps even digital supply based chain solutions. In other words, Panzer Technologies has an array of Internet strategies, which make it possible for our clients to reach their respective goals. The focus is on custom web application.

Panzer Technologies has many more technology offers such as latest techniques in HTML 4.0, Java Script, XHTML with W3C standard apart from many other client oriented technologies. Panzer Technologies also specializes in developing various websites making use of ASPNET, Coldfusion, PHP server side technologies. or ASP.

Panzer Technologies has made a mark among business to business companies. We have also attained much distinction in custom web application development. Our custom web application is indeed based on professional approach to web solutions and our clients find such approach very beneficial to their business.

Panzer Technologies expertise in Internet

  • Website development, deployment as well as design
  • E-Business solutions which have our back end base support or/and legacy system. Connectivity
  • E-Commerce sites are for our clients' on-line business & secure payment
  • Web applications that realize the web-power thus making us develop applications which work on websites well for internal as well as external customers (Intranets and no doubt Extranets)
  • Site evaluation for: security, performance, traffic patterns, search engines as well as for usability

Tools and Languages Used

  • C# .NET, VB .NET , PHP 4.X & PHP 5.X
  • SQL Server, MYSQL, PGSQL, Sybase, Oracle
  • Visual InterDev, Flash, Visual Studio, Zend Studio

Why Panzer Technologies E-Business?

  • Linux Centric business solution since last 6 Years
  • Server side Cashing solution for high traffic website
  • Highly Optimized Panzer Technologies based designs and scripts
  • Development that is based on Panzer Technologies' own development. OOPS based scripting
  • Compatibility with CSS2 & XHTML
  • Search Engine Friendly Development
  • Well-documented development methodology
  • Separate Teams of Business Analysts and Quality Assurance

Panzer Technologies has a lot to contribute in custom web application development.