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Effort Based Pricing or Time Our process optimization ensures reliability, predictability and optimized performance of the projects to deliver on time, on budget, on target

Engagement Model

Panzer Technologies is much into creation of several engagement models to meet the requirements of its diverse clients. One has the choice of selecting a model that suits their needs, be it single model or perhaps multiple, depending upon the phases. We believe in customized phases that address to specific needs. How does Panzer Technologies meet the clients' needs?

  • Pricing that is based upon effort or Material and Time.
  • Billing that is milestone based.
  • Facilities related to dedicated development or retainer.
  • Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) type of model.
  • Fixed bidding or project based pricing.

Our clients have the choice to choose any of these models which are convenient and also involve money saving processes.

Pricing through effort or Material &Time

The Pricing Model is another way out for our clients to deal with various technological processes. How can this be achieved?

  • The pricing that is based upon effort projects is in relation to the total functional cost of the execution of a specific project and the related resources that have been deployed.
  • The effort based pricing model is very valuable in complex projects where one has to meet up to certain specifications and ongoing design changes as per requirement.
  • The Pricing model via effort provides ample scope to develop projects based upon specifications and also be able to change the latter depending upon market fluctuations.

Billing based upon milestone

This option is very beneficial to clients who are interested in knowing about projects. Also payment schedules that are based upon milestones tend to rein- force monitoring. Payments can be justified through this option and also risks are less as progress is visible.

Retainer or Dedicated Development Facility

What is Dedicated Facility? Well, it is an extension of the development or engineering center of the customer. This Dedicated Facility allows one to provide the best skill-set and resources and also provides ample flexibility and for market fluctuations. These measures are mainly to ensure that the Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) are well protected. In fact, all the required rights developed within the purview of Development Facility lies with the customer. The Dedicated Facility also makes it a point to provide customers, who are in need of offshore support which is continuous. In order to develop a better rapport with our customers, we also make sure that specific quality and process frameworks as well as teams tailored to customer's specifications are kept in view. The payment for the resources is made on a retainer basis.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model

The BOT is more of an extension of our client's facility. Through this facility, Panzer Technologies is able to provide infrastructure facilities, technical processes as well as execution capabilities. The staff hired for Dedicated Facility is either done by Panzer Technologies or the clients or perhaps by an outsider or even a combination of all. This permits a smooth transition of the facilities to our clients.

Benefits of BOT

  • Quicker access to market.
  • Reduction of risks.
  • Less costs in Establishment.
  • Flexible.
  • One can own the facility.
  • Expert processes.

Pricing based on projects or fixed bid

This is another viable option for our clients. What are its benefits?

  • This happens to be an option with considerably less risks. One can choose an option with specific skills as the projects undertaken are quite clear in their perspective and goals.
  • We do offer projects that are based upon pricing in areas for which we have required expertise. We also have the necessary tools that would enable us to determine what resources are essential for our clients.
  • We adhere to process optimization that lays focus on reliability, optimized performance, and also upon predictability of one's projects that are target- oriented and based upon specific budget and delivered on time.

It is quite evident Panzer Technology has much to offer in the way of technical processes that would enhance our clients' business and profits. We are there to deliver the best in the IT market.