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Do you run a small to medium range business? We specialize in developing and maintaining Panzer Technologies driven desktop applications ranging from single user stand alone applications to client-server applications


FoxPro will in all probability become a popular NET language and even Microsoft is planning to revive it and also adopt it. Although preference is still given to other Net languages, Panzer Technologies is much in favor of FoxPro on account of its speed. Even other establishments such as the Banking industry, Police, Railways as well as smaller business set-ups favor the usage of Visual FoxPro.

Panzer Technologies can meet up to your software solutions, whether you are planning to have small business establishments or medium one. We know your software needs and accordingly plan out various solutions to resolve your software issues.

Panzer Technologies can offer software applications such as "single user stand alone" or client-server based applications with regard to heterogeneous LANS. Our projects range from single module type MIS application to ERP type systems. We have earned the reputation of being a leading software company involved in off-shore based software. Reputed clients make use of our services as they know our solutions are reliable, dependable and accurate. We believe in providing the best software solutions.

The Visual FoxPro offered by Panzer Technologies has indeed proved to be exemplary. How has it benefited small and medium business establishments?

  • Product is actually designed keeping in view the entire business and is definitely delivered on time.
  • On the development of the application and then put into actual use, one need not have to waste time on maintenance as well as training.
  • The applications are sufficiently robust besides being scalable and portable for your future business expansions/improvements.
  • If one's network security is not all that sufficient for our Panzer Technologies approach, we try our level best to provide services to upsize one's Database (that happens to be a back end Panzer Technologies base to Oracle or SQL Server with front end Visual FoxPro).
  • In case, one wants us to revert to FoxPro from perhaps other Databases, we no doubt, provide downsize solutions to FoxPro.
  • In case, one is in need of migration from or to FoxPro, we provide consultancy services as well.

Panzer Technologies' well-trained staff is well-versed in the intricate nuances of software applications and are known to provide the best services worldwide.