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Highly accessible and responsive to your needs Panzer Technologies provides a superior level of transparency into project progress and status, so you can be assured that the initiative is on track and quickly identify and mitigate any issues that may arise

Global Delivery Model

It is an ever-changing IT world, and Panzer Technologies keeps up to the changing market scenario. The delivery models provide the best offshore solutions and clients will get the best results if they make use of Panzer Technologies outsourcing solutions.

The Global Delivery Model offered by Panzer Technologies is streamlined to our clients' specifications. Most of our clients prefer to opt for purely offshore development model. Our Hyderabad office has an array of well-trained and experienced staff consisting of software developers, quality assurance professionals as well as project managers. We also make it a point to deliver the staff on our clients' site. In other words, we work towards the benefit of our clients. Our on-site staff focus upon management and coordination and also assist in overseas collaboration while making use of offshore development resources.

Panzer Technologies Pure Offshore Model is composed of project manager who works on the client's site.

The Hyderabad office of Panzer Technologies is well-equipped state-of-art delivery facilities and we make sure that our staff delivers the requirements of our IT clients. Our offshore staff is dedicated to ensure the best results for our clients, who can avail of the best infrastructure and manpower facilities. We at Panzer Technologies, never let our clients down. We act like a magnet that constantly attracts customers to us.

Our US office is actively involved in relationship management and ensures that our customers are fully satisfied with our services. We dedicate ourselves to provide services that are result-oriented and time-saving.

Advantages of Offshore Model

  • Saves cost.
  • Quicker delivery to market.
  • Team scalability development based upon specific projects.
  • Extensive quality testing as well as assessment.
  • Delivery of high quality services and development.

The Offshore Model adopted by Panzer Technologies acts as a agent in the communication process between us and the client's offshore team. The ratio existing between offshore and onshore would much depend upon a specific project, its goals, and the cost and services involved.

Advantages of the onsite offshore model

  • Reduction of management time with regard to the clients.
  • Cultural risk coverage and communication.
  • Quick transfer of knowledge to offshore staff.

Communication- a Crucial Factor

Panzer Technologies believes in reducing the communication gap between us and our client by being very approachable and responsive. Emphasis is laid upon scheduled communication held regularly and frequent ad-hoc conversation through online or by phone. How?

  • Instant Messaging Software and US Phone system.
  • Keeping our clients constantly informed.

Panzer Technologies operations and services are very transparent, and the client is able to identify lacunae, if any, immediately in order to rectify them.