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Right facilities to suit your expectation Panzer Technologies has expertise to meet the required facilities on demand for the IT solutions of Tour & Travels and Hotels

Hospitality and Travel

The IT world is actively involved with the Hospitality & Travel as well as Hotels which have off late become very popular as travel and tourism have become major components of every respective government in the world. Even the private sector is taking active part in travel and tourism and is making use of IT tools to generate business in this sector. The hotel industry is a booming industry along with tourism, as it fetches much revenue. It is but natural that there would be requirements for online booking and reservation and regular affiliations with administrative systems.

Panzer Technologies has made much effort to cater to the hospitality and travel sector.

  • Cost reduction
  • Integration
  • Web-enablement
  • Consolidation
  • Business process flexibility

Panzer Technologies Solutions for Clients

  • Increase efficiency with industry best practices.
  • Improved profitability.
  • Monitor performance.
  • Visitor friendly based booking engine.
  • Distribute rates and inventory.

Our technological and industrial expertise in the mobile arena as well as E-Commerce are very versatile and we offer the proper facilities that clients find extremely beneficial to their business.

Our Hospitality and Travel solutions are versatile and are much more effective than what technology can offer. We make use of business strategies that are target oriented. For us client satisfaction is of utmost importance and we work very hard towards this goal. This is why clients prefer our hospitality and travel services as they feel very assured of getting the best results for their investment.

Panzer Technologies Hospitality and Travel Solutions

  • Hotels and hotel chains
  • Car Rental & Hiring Company
  • Price Comparison Based System
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Tour operators and travel agencies
  • Central Reservation Oriented Systems
  • Price Comparison Based System
  • Affiliation cum Agent Networks' management

Features of Panzer Technologies Hospitality & Travel Solutions

  • Multi Lingual
  • Web2.0 Solutions
  • Back Office based Integration
  • Panzer Technologies Integration with Major Supplier
  • Real Time Search cum Booking
  • Multi Currency
  • Affiliated Integration
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Back Office Integration
  • Price Comparison Based System

We are popular for IT solutions for Tours as well as Travel and of course for Hotels which are undoubtedly extremely popular with the industry. We live in a fast jet society, which throws up many challenges in the Hospitality and Travel sectors, which require effective solutions to resolve issues that are related to customer satisfaction. We at Panzer Technologies know what is best for our clients and do our level best to provide them the best infrastructure for proper functioning of the hospitality sector.