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Internet/Extranet Applications

Intranet Applications Development Services

Intranet is used by the corporate world for its internal communication and is undoubtedly cost -effective and the most convenient way of communicating. It is the best medium to communicate correct information at the right time. The only difference between intranet and the internet is that the former is only accessible to one corporate office, whereas the latter is available all over the world.

Panzer Technologies has sophisticated extranet applications which permits information to percolate at all levels quickly and accurately. Of course, we also make use of modern internet applications and the staff make constant use of effective internet application services. No doubt, the extranet applications services are also vitally important. For employees to carry out their work. On the other hand, intranet application of Panzer Technologies permits better services to end users as they can gain access to information from any Database within the organization.

What are the benefits of Intranet?

User Friendly

Intranet enables user to gain access to vital official information immediately and proves to be an essential tool for all communication purposes within a business set-up. On account of quick access to information, it is easy for business establishments to carry out their business in an efficient and quick manner.

Time Saving

Extranet applications are time-saving and this enables to generate more productivity profits and productivity. Employees can perform their jobs better and faster.


Extranet application service facilitate communication within an organization, thus allowing employees to be in constant touch with each other. This allows better working conditions and easy access to vital information.

Promotion of corporate culture

Efficiency, meeting deadlines, smooth flow of communication, and profit-oriented approach of corporate culture is feasible through internet applications.

Enhance collaboration

Extranet applications allow employees to collaborate with each other as they find it easier to communicate with each other. It is very essential in corporate culture for employees to get along well and they must have adequate facilities to pass on information quickly.


Extranet application is certainly cost-effective. It is worth installing in offices and at Panzer Technologies this is much accepted form of communication for doing profitable business.

Extranet Application

  • Order Tracking
  • Contacts Database
  • Graphical Reports
  • User Tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Task lists & Work flow management
  • Graphical reports
  • Client Records
  • Customized Applications
  • User forums
  • Task lists & Work flow management
  • Internal email