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Reliable for the business The risk is reduced to a minimum by our Offshore Dedicated model, where we provide our customers with exclusive full-time dedicated resources on a long-term basis

Offshore Team Staffing

Panzer Technologies through its offshore development processes strives hard to provide offshore development processes that ensure best services and products at reasonable cost. Our offshore team staffing is highly skilled and well-qualified to perform tasks that result in higher productivity and profits. Our IT development processes are equally professional and maintain high standards in product testing and development. Our outsourcing services are excellent and our clients are fully aware of this while seeking our services.

Advantages of Offshore Development

  • More jobs.
  • Higher costs.
  • Lower costs.

Panzer Technologies offshore development is a recent innovation and much work is carried out at our offshore software development center. We are known to be one of the best IT specialists and we are popular in our offshore and outsourcing partnerships. Our business innovation techniques have been possible on account of our modern transport and communication facilities, which are evolving on account of international developing economies. We have made a mark in the outsourcing industry on account of sheer hard work and sincere and dedicated efforts to achieve best results.

How remarkable is Panzer Offshore Development?

Adhering to global standards and maintaining high quality is the hallmark of our trade in offshore outsourcing. Our Offshore Development Coders is well connected to our clients at all times. We believe in collaboration with our clients and from conceptualization stage onwards, right through product testing and development, coupled with a dedicated and motivated team, we make sure that our client is satisfied with the end result of our efforts. Our Offshore Dedicated Models ensure less risk in offshore development processes and try to maintain long-term association with our clients.

Panzer Technologies at its Offshore Development Center ensures that the ongoing development is carried out without any compromises in quality standards. Our IT support team is one of the best team in the outsourcing industry. Our team members believe in hard work and performing to their maximum abilities for best outsourcing results. It is this dedicated effort that has made Panzer Technologies achieve international reputation as a reliable outsourcing, one of the best among many IT companies.

Options Available Options Available
Staff Selection Mutually Remote Monitoring (cctv) Optional
Ideal Team Size 5+ Separate Internet Connectivity Optional
Custom HR Policy Partially IPR Yes
Project Management Standard Custom Replacement Cost No
Separate Servers Optional Minimum Contract Term 1 Year
Customized Development Environment Optional Advance Deposit 2 months
Network Segregation Optional Option for Ownership in Future No
Security Policy Panzer Technologies