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Utilize the time differences and time overlaps Specialist in full range of Outsourced Product Testing solutions for desktop, web and mobile applications

QA Process

Panzer Technologies gives top priority to quality products and services for its clients as these are essential for the success of our clients' business. We make use of sophisticated tools in order to identify bugs, which help in creating less bottlenecks in one's budget or schedule. Our offshore development processes include wide-ranging testing methods as well as tools to make sure that Panzer Technologies is well-equipped to offer high quality based solutions. We believe in adopting a comprehensive approach to services and products provided to clients by us.

Unlike many other IT firms, Panzer Technologies, which normally conducts testing of products on completion of the development process, Panzer Technologies prefers to make quality check-up during the development process. This enables to incorporate any changes or variations suggested by the clients after discussions are held between us and clients. This approach taken ensures that there is no scope for any undetected deficiency in the development processes which could result in loss of time and money and overall quality of the product and services.

Our services are definitely of world class level and in no way is the client let down in way of being provided with inferior products. We maintain highest standards of development process and regular quality check-ups ensure that this approach of ours is not compromised in any way.

Key quality assessments cum testing differentiators:

  • Specialists are in complete range of Outsourced Product Testing based solutions for desktop, mobile applications and web.
  • Test Automation Focus.
  • Increased reliability, scalability, extensibility, maintainability.
  • Reduction in QA costs and re-work.
  • Utilizing differences in time and also time overlaps.
  • Dynamic staff scalability.
  • Testing experts, who prefer breaking the existing code base.

Our Full-Fledge QA cum Testing Services :

Functional Testing - Test Plan and Test Case Development

  • Test Automation.
  • Graphical User Interface cum usability testing.
  • Cross Browser Testing/ Cross Platform.
  • Performance Testing.
Windows Apps QTP, WinRunner (Mercury)
Web based Apps JMeter, LoadRunner, Microsoft Application Center Test
Open Source Tools Bugzilla (Defect Tracking), Water, Sahi, Selenium
Performance testing Load Runner, Badboy
Test Case Development Testopia, Test Director
Build Automation CruiseControl.NET, Nant
Automated Code Inspection FxCop