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We offer Ruby on Rails web development Our dedicated ROR developers can create web 2.0 applications using latest Ruby on Rails web services.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails (ROR) refers to an open sourced full stack web application Frame work, which is made use for Ruby programming language. One must take note of the fact that Ruby on Rails is much different from Ruby which happens to be a programming language for general language, upon which Ruby Rails actually runs. Ruby Rails is incidentally a fully-stacked frame-work, providing much scope to attain information from the web-server or to talk or put forward queries on the database.

Panzer Technologies has much to offer in the arena of ruby on rails development, as it has experienced and expert rails developers, who know the nitty-gritty of ror development. Ror programming is, undoubtedly, a specialized area, dealing with various web applications and scripts and obviously, it is important to have well-qualified ror developer to tackle various issues pertaining to web development. Panzer Technologies is well prepared to provide the best staffing solutions and when it comes to ruby on rails development, it stands out as a distinguished company, with required expertise in ror.

Ruby on rails is popular on account of its extensive usage of Java Script based libraries, Prototype and for using Ajax. Ruby on rails also makes use of lightweight SOAP for its web services, which was later of course replaced by Restful web service. Tools used by ruby on rails can be utilized for making common development tasks much easier "out of the box" such as scaffolding that can be used to automatically be in a position to construct some models as well as views, required for basic website. Keeping in view the awesome usage of ror, Panzer Technologies has ensured that its ruby on rails programmers is well-trained in ruby on rails development processes.

Clients of Panzer Technologies are well aware of the competency of our ruby on rails programmers, and usually opt for our ror programming for its superb quality. Ruby on railsoffers both XML and HTML as standard. Also, Ruby on rails is divided into various packages, such as Active Record, Action Pack, Active Resources and Action Mailer. It also consists of Action Web Services which is now replaced by the Action Resource. This only indicates how useful and beneficial ror is for our clients and we at Panzer Technologies make it a point to provide high quality ror programming.

For clients who are new to Panzer Technologies and would like to introduce more clients to us, they can be rest assured that our ruby on rails development processes are exemplary and dependable and will ensure the best results, keeping in view high profits.