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Panzer Technologies Outsourcing Facilities

Panzer Technologies has successfully made inroads into the outsourcing industry at national and international level. With its outsourcing work being done at Hyderabad, capital city of Andhra Pradesh, its sales support office located in the United States.

Outsourcing industry is indeed very challenging and much dedication and consistent hard work, high level conceptualization is essential to make successful in-roads in the international IT market. Panzer Technologies has all the requisite outsourcing resources and technology to develop outsourcing components that have been internationally acclaimed.

Why go in for Panzer Technologies outsourcing?

  • Budget target oriented outsourcing.
  • Costs benefits.
  • Intranet and intranet facilities.
  • Developed packaged business oriented applications.
  • Quality deliverables.
  • Usage of latest concepts.
  • Re-usable components.
  • Cost-effective software services.
  • Experienced software developers
  • Strict confidentiality is maintained on business issues.
  • Exemplary outsourcing services of international level.

How efficient is Panzer Technologies in outsourcing?

  • Simplified development processes.
  • Standardized development methodologies.
  • Sturdy infrastructure.
  • State-of-art developmental activity center.
  • Result-oriented programming, web-designing catering to wide-ranging industries.

What services are offered by Panzer Technologies?

  • Custom Application & Product Development.
  • Desktop Application cum Development.
  • Offshore Staffing.
  • Offshore Development based Services.
  • Microsoft .NET Application Development & Consulting.
  • Development On Open Source Technology.
  • Multimedia Services.
  • Web Development & Design Services.
  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Design and Development Services.
  • Quality Assurance & Testing Services.
  • Re-sourcing & Staffing.

Panzer Technologies' Technical Offers

  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) base development
  • AJAX with Ruby on Rails
  • Desktop Application and Development
  • Development base on Microsoft .NET Technologies
  • Desktop Application and Development

The IT market is constantly evolving and the need of the hour is for new innovations and techniques in outsourcing and software applications. Technical staff at Panzer Technologies are well-equipped to deliver the best outsourcing facilities. Our clients can expect dependable services and products that can compete well in the international market. We believe in customer satisfaction and develop software applications that are user-friendly. Also our outsourcing is highly professional and target-oriented. We ensure that our clients get the best and strive hard towards this end.