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Tech Skills

Software Application Development Skills of Panzer Technologies

Technology and business environment have become very competitive and highly complex and require dynamic and advanced processes and skills. The need of the hour is sophisticated techniques and consultancy services that need to be at the top of one's agenda. Hi-fi technology plays an important role in the augmentation of business profits, and Panzer Technologies is well aware of this when it provides highly skilled technical staff for our clients' needs.

We are known to provide an experienced team which is well-equipped with wide-ranging technologies and platforms that allow for rather wide and comprehensive solutions, despite the clients' solution needs and their respective company's infrastructure.

Panzer Technologies goes all the way out to understand and appreciate how essential it is to choose a partner who is trustworthy and knows well your problems and their solutions. We are here no doubt to make choices that are easy to implement and the client finds them beneficial to his or her business venture. We assess your needs based upon what your customer needs are.

Make it point to glance through our assorted Software Development Skills mentioned below:

Programming Languages:

  • Microsoft ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, MS Visual Basic
  • C, Visual C++, SQL
  • PHP, Ruby, ColdFusion, ASP, JSP
  • VB Script, VBA, Action Script, Perl, Python, CGI

Web Technologies:

  • HTML, XHTML, XML, DHTML, Java Script


  • MS SQL Server, MySql, Firebird, Microsoft Access
  • Oracle (PL/SQL), PostGreSQL (PL/pgSQL)
  • Visual FoxPro

Operating Systems and Platforms :

  • MS Windows NT / 95 / 98 / 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista , Win CE
  • Unix OpenBSD/FreeBSD/NetBSD, Linux RedHat