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A wide range of expertise and experience The developers working at Panzer Technologies are definitely among the top experts in their area.

Technology Expertise

Technology Expertise in Open Source, Microsoft, RIA

Panzer Technologies has over period of time evolved itself as distinguished web development company and has successfully managed to meet up to customers' technological needs. Our team has always kept abreast with latest innovation and developments in the technological fields. We try our level best to make use of the latest modern web application to get the best technical result. Our clients' are very comfortable with our web operations and find them to be customer-friendly. The focus is upon customized web development and the web processes made use of are of very high quality.

The staffs at Panzer Technology are highly qualified and hold professional degrees of high competency in Computer Science & Information Technology. Several of them have passed the Microsoft and Brain bench certification tests. Our portfolio reveals our consistent efforts in providing the best web applications. We strive hard to deliver new software technologies, keeping in view higher growth profits of our clients. We have the necessary expertise in the latest and radical technologies. We adopt strict Quality management Systems and conduct quality check-ups for timely delivery of products and services.

Technical Services and Skills

What technology we use at Panzer Technologies?

  • Open Sources Technology:

We use this technology for customized applications.

  • Microsoft Technologies:

We make use of modern designs and also develop as well as integrate various business solutions, making use of full range of NET functionality.

  • Rich Web Applications:

We believe in high level performance with the use of Rich Web Applications and our staff knows how to successfully deliver them. We make use of sophisticated applications such as Microsoft.Net, LAMP (Linux, Ruby on Rails, Apache, MYSQL, PHP and so forth. Our staff is competent to handle such sophisticated applications.

Panzer Technologies undoubtedly knows its job well, and our clients feel secure with us.