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Telecommunication Technology We provide end-to-end information technology consulting, systems integration, technical capabilities in core network technologies, and custom application development

Telecommunication Technology

Panzer Technologies Software Telecommunication Solutions

We at Panzer Technologies have much to offer in the way of appropriate and tangible telecommunication solutions that provide latest technological innovations to enhance productivity and overall growth of the company. We try our level best to keep abreast with the evolving technological innovation and the ever-changing competitive market conditions. We strive hard to keep pace with the fast paced technology and also provide suitable solutions to our clients to cope up with low levels of customer loyalty. We also try to focus on how telecom operators as well as service providers can introduce new services as well as products that can be had at affordable prices.

Undoubtedly, we do try to come up with new technological innovations and ideas in the arena of software development services and healthcare industries.

Other Panzer Technologies Telecommunication Contributions

  • Experienced and highly qualified team members who are experienced in developing various systems as well as applications for both wired as well as wireless communication.
  • Expertise in network testing and management, which our clients find very useful for their business development.
  • BSS/OSS.
  • Mobile value-added services.
  • Product development services.

Panzer Technologies experts try to ensuring that customers remain loyal to our customers and this is much achieved by ensuring high quality product development services and efficient mobile value-added services. We go in for product innovation and also make sure that our clients are able to keep pace with the fast paced market conditions. Our network testing and management allows our clients to carry out their daily operations successfully.

What Services Does Panzer Technologies offer?

  • Order cum Service Management
  • Business to Consumer (B2C) as well as Business to Business (B2B) exchanges
  • Workforce Automation
  • Integration with packaged and standard solutions
  • Billing and Mediation
  • Product design cum development
  • Operation cum business support system
  • Wireless Enabling for Business Users
  • Customization and Localization Services
  • Desktop Software Development cum Testing
  • Software Integration Services

We have excelled in the Information Technology and we provide adequate maintenance services for the present demands of the Telecommunication industry. For this very reason we have outstanding achievements in the arena of software development services and healthcare industries. We have now established ourselves as a reputable company in the IT and Telecommunications area and our clients prefer to avail our services.

We extend an invitation to interested clients to browse Panzer Technologies on-line inventory and would appreciate your valuable suggestions and inquiries.