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Manages taking over complex legacy systems Panzer Technologies launches rapid skills introduction and skills upgrade programs within dedicated centers, to insure maintained group efficiency in the time of technological shifts to influx new staff

Retail and Warehousing

Custom Business Applications' Development cum Solutions for Retail Industry

Panzer Technologies is well-reputed to provide custom business application development that enables our clients to achieve their goals in the retail market. We have laid much emphasis on retail practices that has been empowered small as well as middle level retailers as well as distribution companies that definitely push the revenues upwards, bring about improvement in margins, reduce the costs and result in maximization of capital efficiency world-wide.

Our solutions do span in the Retail as well as Hospitality sectors and provide much value to chain from POS/stores' operations as well as supply chain management to merchandising. Also focus is upon CRS/GDS integration, RFID as well as revenue management. Panzer Technologies is known to take on complete legacy based systems. We also focus upon skills up gradation programs, which consist of rapid skills upgraded programs within dedicated centers. Panzer Technologies always try to infuse new staff into the existing employee structure to improve efficiency levels.

Services Offered:

  • Supply Chain Execution
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Store Management
  • Merchandise Management
  • Enterprise Management
  • Customers Relationship Management
  • Global Panzer Technologies synchronization

Panzer Technologies take on challenges that are faced with retailers in the market arena, such as enhanced customers' expectations, supply chain complexities, evolving technologies as well as globalization. We extend training facilities to KM professionals and also help them orient themselves to several opportunities for applying their training skills as knowledge to KM initiatives.

Panzer Technologies tries its level best to provide retail and warehousing solutions to its clients by providing them customized management solutions and also resolving their relationship issues. It is very essential to ensure that enterprise management processes are well-streamlined for greater productivity and profits. Panzer Technologies on this account has gained tremendous reputation in handling its clients as well. Our clients benefit maximum from our retail and warehousing solutions.

We make extra effort to reach out to a wider audience, be it at the international or the national level. For us our customers are of utmost importance and we try our level best to meet up to their market expectations. Go ahead and avail our retail services and you will not get disappointed as indeed you will experience a higher growth in your production processes and has access to a flexible market clientele.

We extend invitation to our clients to browse though Panzer Technologies on-line inventory and we eagerly await your enquiries. We are there to provide with the best services available in the world. In no way will we let down our clients as they mean a lot to us.