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About Us

We can contract directly with companies that have hiring needs on a contingency, exclusive contingency or retained basis, and use our offshore and domestic resources to directly introduce candidates for full-time or contract hire.

Our rates are $4,500 for a full time placement; our mark-up on any contract is $8.

We pass on to you the benefits of a favorable exchange rate and our lower operational costs at no reduction in our level of commitment, service and quality. All candidate submittals occur after our recruiters have spoken to a candidate and qualified them from the standpoint of interest in, and suitability for, your position. We are experts at working with hiring managers to uncover the reasons why someone would want the job you're offering, and determining what specific skills/experience are true markers for success in the role.

We can contract directly with companies to supplement their in-house recruiting needs by providing virtual researchers, sources or recruiters who will seamlessly integrate into your organization. We allow your in-house resources to focus on high-touch, high-value work with candidates, advancing your company's high-growth initiatives and goals.

In the same way, we can augment the staff of contingency or retained agencies by providing virtual researchers, sources or recruiters to support their efforts. Whether you're a high-volume recruiting firm or a boutique search firm, our services are proven to enhance your delivery and placement rates while adding to your bottom line. We support some of the top staffing firms in the U.S. and U.K, and now are exponentially serving smaller firms, which now contribute to 50% of our business.

Panzer Technologies RPO, is a privately held Los Angeles-based firm. We're founded and managed by recruiting operations executives with extensive experience building customized talent acquisitions processes that deliver quality talent, and allow our customers to achieve operational excellence well within budgets.

Working from our operations center in India, our growing team of more than 120 recruiting professionals will take care of finding and weeding through potential candidates while you choose the best of the high-quality choices we provide. The mix of your in-house staff supported by our offshore team saves you valuable time & money - and most importantly - improves quality and productivity.

We've successfully developed and implemented offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing programs that blend into U.S.-based companies and staffing firms without a glitch. They save valuable time and money with our cost-effective strategies, and you can too. Staffing agencies, especially, often struggle to meet long-term commitments while dealing with day-to-day recruiting challenges.

Because we're recruiting professionals, we fully understand what it takes to execute an effective sourcing strategy. So, we can step in as a temporary solution, no matter how short, or we can be in it for the long haul. As a strategic partner, we add immediate value to your organization by providing an experienced recruiting professional to mine your candidates. Our employees focus on providing proactive results, so you can continue to advance your primary objectives and grow your business.

  • We can be there in many different ways
  • When you have a full-time or contract position to fill
  • Need resources for a temporary recruiting project
  • Desire dedicated recruiters on a seasonal basis
  • Or if you're building a human resources department from scratch and want to make the smart move to outsourcing

Look to Panzer Technologies RPO. We've got a team of professionals who will ensure your success.