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John Roger - Recruitment Manager

" I have been very impressed with Panzer Technologies services. I am amazed at the speed with which they provide candidates. Panzer Technologies always provide candidates that fit the requirements and although I review the resumes I am beginning to feel it is not necessary as your candidates always have the required and often the desired credentials and expertise as well. I feel Panzer Technologies understand our desire to have a reputation of providing candidates of the highest caliber. We have been able to submit many more candidates then before and submit them much quicker than we were able to do recruiting on our own."

Kelvin Schmidt - Recruitment Specialist

" Panzer Technologies has proven to be a great resource in finding those niche and passive candidates that we were not able to source on our own. We very much respect their efficiency, ethics, and abilities. We will definitely use them again for our tough positions. "

Tracey Pierce - Recruitment Consultant

" Panzer Technologies has been successful at providing candidates to us in a timely manner. I have been impressed with the response time. I am also very happy with the customer service and their willingness to work with us to get our clients the best candidates for the best rates."

Tim Donnelly - Recruitment Manager

"Panzer Technologies and I have been working together for almost a year now. They always sends me quality consultants matching the skill sets. I have my own way of working asking for additional up front information for each consultant which is exactly the way they presents to me. Thank you and I hope to continue our working relationship for many years to come. "

Beth A Kester - Technical Recruiter / Account Manager

" I am a Sr. Technical Recruiter/Account Manager with the 33rd fastest growing private company in the U.S. Daily we partner with vendors who provide us with technical consultants to meet our clients' information technology resource needs. I can say with zero reservation that Panzer Technologies is the best sub-vendor with whom I work. The candidates they submits meet not some of the qualifications, but all. Furthermore, their qualifications are accurate. Nothing is exaggerated nor fabricated. All candidates who my clients and I have interviewed have had the experience as claimed on their resume. Furthermore, Panzer Technologies is responsive, returning my phone calls and emails promptly and, overall, highly professional."